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Trijicon RMRcc Cut

From: $140.00

We mill the pocket (with bosses) for the RMRcc low enough to be able to utilize the stock front sight with the ATEi Shimsight.  Because the distance between the safety plunger hole and the rear dovetail on the 43,43X, 48, etc… and some other slim pistol slides is not long enough, we will be using the ATEi Shimsight without a rear dovetail.  This means that we will be machining through and removing the rear dovetail on these slides. The ATEi Shimsight is a great option for use with the RMRcc, as it lets the user decide the placement of the rear back up sight (in front or behind the RMRcc).   

ATEi Shimsight can be selected and added from the Accessories listed.

Slides we offer milling for this Micro Red Dot optic are: Glock 42, 43, 43X and 48, S&W M&P Shield (9mm, .40 & 45 cal), Sig P365, Springfield HellCat, as well as 1911/2011 slides.  

Please include the internals with your slide.  The RMRcc optic must be sent in with the slide for the RMRcc Cut. 

The barrel and recoil assembly are not needed.