ATEi was the FIRST ever to machine serrations into a semi-auto slide for the purpose of single hand manipulations on May 4, 2010. All others copied and followed us. Top Slide Serrations for single hand manipulations were developed in partnership with Steve Fisher (former owner of MDFI and lead instructor for Magpul Dynamics now owner of Sentinel Concepts). ATEi Top Slide Serrations are a uni-directional set of curving edges machined into the slide of the gun. They perform much like the propulsion mechanism of scales on snakes or fish.

ATEi Top Slide Serrations are precise and unique features that are machined into a slide to improve performance and make it perfect for the user. Top Slide Serrations improve single-handed manipulation when situations are at their worst. With ATEi Top Slide Serrations a shooter will be able to safely, effectively and efficiently rack the slide to get the gun functioning.

The fundamentals of combat shooting are weapon manipulations and control. For single-handed manipulations of the pistol’s slide, Serrations grab onto your clothing, belt, holster, door jamb, a bad guys forehead or any available surface or edges. ATEi Top Slide Serrations allow shooters to control the weapon in expected and unexpected situations because reality is never what you imagined it to be in a gunfight.

Press checks! When you unload a weapon you make a hundred percent sure it is unloaded. Therefore, when you load a weapon you must make a hundred percent sure it is loaded.

ATEi Enhanced Glock Serrations provide extreme positive two-handed operation of the slide. Sweaty, muddy or bloody you must be able to operate the slide. When confronted with viscous materials such as sweat, water, oils or blood this control is vital. Enhanced Serrations allow a shooter to keep their weapon system running and win the fight.

“Sure, you can use your notched rear sight because it “always” works, on a Sunny 80 degree square range. But if you’ve fallen and broken your wrist – you’ve been shot in the hand – you’re holding your 2 year old child and you’re holding the bad guy back by the neck. You’re in a gun fight for your LIFE and now your gun just stopped working. You might be able to hit that small spot on another small spot to operate the slide and fix a malfunction and you may not,” – Doug Holloway of ATEi.

There are no issues of comfort when carrying a weapon with Serrations machined into the top of the slide. The holster separates contact of the body to the weapon. Those that run more open carriers that expose more of the pistol have reported no discernible differences.

RMR sights provide many advantages over the common front and rear (three point target system) sights of today’s pistols. By securely mounting the RMR into the pistol’s slide you have both a rigid mounting point running the entire length of the RMR creating a solid fighting platform as well as a two point targeting system. These sights support faster sight acquisition, as well as supreme accuracy against targets at longer distances. The RMR window display provides an excellent surface for charging the pistol. This becomes extremely important if circumstances dictate the dire need of one handed manipulations.

If you are having an RMR installed on your slide you will need to send in your slide, the RMR you would like installed, any suppressor height sights you will be using (or you can purchase Ameriglo suppressor height sights when you place your order) and a completed work order form.  

Your work order form should show the request for slide milling for RMR installation, where the rear dovetail should be in relation to the RMR (in front or behind the RMR), if refinishing is needed, if suppressor height sights are included or needed.  If no refinishing or sights are needed, please make a note on the work order form to avoid confusion.

The default for a Glock slide is to use the factory dovetail which puts the rear sight immediately behind the RMR.  (Thicker suppressor height sights may not work with the factory dovetail.)  If  you have an M&P slide you cannot use the factory dovetail and you will need to have a new dovetail milled either in front of or behind the RMR to use the rear sight.

No, ATEi uses a different screw from those included with the RMR when it was purchased.  When you receive your slide with the mounted RMR, you should have an extra set of screws.

Yes, if the sights are not suppressor height sights, they will not co-witness with your RMR.  Please remember that some rear sights are thicker and may not work with the factory dovetail.

If new sights are purchased and installed by ATEi, the sights that were received on the slide will be returned with the slide unless otherwise noted on the work order form.

At ATEi, we utilize two professional level OEM quality finishes: “Salt Bath Nitride QPQ” and “Nickle Boron”.

Salt Bath Ferritic Nitrocarburizing results in a tough, black, slightly flat finish.
Major firearm manufacturers use the same process for their pistol slides and have named their processes Tennifer – Glock and Melonite – Smith & Wesson.

Nickle Boron or “NiB” is a very tough, lubricious, wear resistant, silver, electrolysis applied coating.

When sending in your slide or pistol for modification the box should contain the slide or pistol and a completed work order form.

If you are having machining done to your slide you would send in only your slide. Please keep the barrel and recoil assembly. You may leave your sights (and channel liner if Glock) and ATEi can remove and reinstall them.

The M&P 9 M2.0 modifications offered differ slightly from the regular M&P 9 model. Because of the dimensional differences in the M&P 9 M2.0 slide side and top porting are not available at this time.   Currently, Full and Half Top Serrations, RMR install, refinishing and regular trigger job are the modifications available at this time for the M&P 9 2.0 and M&P 2.0 Compact.   A regular trigger job (sear install and radius and polish the safety plunger) is offered, but a full target trigger job is not available at this time.   Because of the factory front side cocking serrations, we do not offer them at this time.

We currently offer slide milling for the installation of the following optics manufacturers: Trijicon RMR, Deltapoint Pro, Vortex Venom, Vortex Viper, Doctor, J Point, Burris Fast Fire and Shield.

Slide milling for the installation of a Mini Red Dot optic is available for the following slide manufacturers:  S&W (M&P model), Glock, Sig (not all), FN and 1911.  Mini Red Dot installation is not offered for the Shield, Glock 42 or Glock 43.

We do not offer milling for or install of a mini red dot optic on the new M&P 2.0 with the chamber indicator at the top rear of the slide.

Sometimes the crimped in front sights are not salvageable and cannot be used again once removed. 

Through the roll marks– The roll marks on the left side of the slide (Glock <model #> and Austria) are cut through to add the serrations on the front side of the slide. There may be fragments or parts of the numbers/letters left behind that may be visible.

Around the roll marks– The serrations are added around the roll marks leaving all the letters and numbers intact.

Through the roll marks, remove remnants– The remnants of the letters/numbers that were left behind are removed by machining the left serrations on the side of the slide only.

The cost is different for slide milling for a Mini Red Dot optic on some slides because there is a void (empty space) where a screw would need to be in order to mount the optic to the slide.  When there is a void, a plug would need to be inserted and the slide welded.  The additional cost is our cost for sending it to and from welding as well as the welding itself.  The slides that would require the welding are Glock 17L, 24, 41 & Sig 320 (Full Size) & Beretta APX.

We do not offer any slide modifications for the Springfield XD-S or XD-M at this time.

With your first RMR (or Mini Red Dot Optic) you will need to know where you would like the rear sight in relation to the RMR (either behind, using the factory dovetail on a Glock, in front of the optic, or if you do not want a rear sight at all), which suppressor height sights you will be using, and if you would like a Trijicon Sealer plate included (to help keep moisture out of the bottom of the optic) under your RMR and if you would like your slide refinished after milling.  We always suggest refinishing the slide after it has been milled to cover the bare metal left and prevent corrosion.  Please keep in mind, while this is not our first time milling a slide for an RMR, it may be yours and you need to ask questions about anything in the process you do not understand or that is not clear for you.

You would ship (UPS or FedEX is suggested) your slide or pistol to us, we do not provide a label for you to ship your order to us.  If you are having only slide work done, please send only your slide.  You can keep your barrel and recoil assembly with the frame at home with you.  If you are having the Mini Red Dot Pro Cut (tight fit) the RMR is needed and should be included with your slide.  Remember to pack the box so nothing can collide in transit and insure the package for the full value of the contents.  The address to ship to is:  ATEi  20224 Lorne St  Taylor, MI  48180   Return shipping cost is calculated when your package is received and an email will be sent letting you know the approximate cost of shipping.  You will need to call to give the credit card number you would like to use because we cannot charge any additional charges to your online order.

Because the Deltapoint Pro Mini Red Dot optic is roughly 1/4″ taller than most of the other Mini Red Dot optics, taller suppressor height sights are needed for co witness. You can use the integrated rear sight offered by Leupold for use with the Deltapoint Pro optic.  The factory  rear dovetail will need to be modified to use the integrated rear sight and you would need to let us know when the slide is milled.  If you plan on using a set of iron sights (not the integrated rear sight), you would need to have a new dovetail milled in front of the optic.

Yes, the M&P9 M2.0 Compact slide is the same width, just shorter (in the front) than the regular length M&P9 M2.0.  The same rules apply for the M&P9 M2.0 Compact slide for installation of a Deltapoint Pro optic as for other slides.  Because the base of the optic is taller, you would need to use taller suppressor height sights.  If using the integrated rear sight option with the DPP, you would need to inform us to mill the slide accordingly.  If using a Vortex Venom, you would need to have a new dovetail milled for the rear sight in front of the optic.

We offer two options for RMR install, the Mini Red Dot Pro Cut or the Universal Pocket. With the Universal RMR Pocket (Only for Trijicon RMRs and the RMR is not needed when the slide is milled) it is a pocket that will allow you to use any Trijicon RMR. Be aware that with the Universal RMR Pocket ($80), there will be a gap between the pocket and the RMR itself. How big of a gap depends on the size of the RMR. If the slide/pistol were to be dropped or bumped hard the RMR could move within the pocket which could change your sight picture. The Mini Red Dot Pro Cut ($160) is a tight fit that is milled for a specific RMR and the RMR (the dimensions) is needed for machining of the slide. There is no gap between the pocket and the RMR with the Pro Cut. Both options include the bosses (posts milled within the pocket). 

NOTICE: Purchaser understands and acknowledges that the customization services provided by ATEi are to stock firearms pre-purchased from the underlying manufacture, and are being provided without the original manufacturers authorization or endorsement.