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  Mini Red Dot sights provide many advantages over the common front and rear (three point target system) sights of today’s pistols. By securely mounting the optic into the pistol’s slide you have both a rigid mounting point running the entire length of the optic creating a solid fighting platform as well as a two point targeting system. These sights support faster sight acquisition, as well as supreme accuracy against targets at longer distances.

  The Trijicon RMR window display provides an excellent surface for charging the pistol. This becomes extremely important if circumstances dictate the dire need of one handed manipulations.  But be careful!  Not all optics can take the beating like the Trijicon RMR can.

No! Not the same at all. Optic ready slides are either cut for an optic footprint or for an adapter plate system. Both are inferior to the ATEi Pro Cut. 

With the ATEi Pro Cut, the dimensions of the optic are used to create the pocket and does not allow for movement of the optic within the pocket.

You cannot mill an MOS slide to make it into a Pro Cut.  The material is already gone.

With that being said, SOME MOS slides can be MODIFIED or RETRO FIT for a direct mount of an optic instead of using the adapter plating system. 

Modification of the pocket of these slides is not the same as an ATEi Pro Cut.  

ATEi offers modification of the MOS pocket for direct mounting of either a Trijicon RMRcc or Holosun 407K/507K/EPS/EPS Carry ONLY.
Glock 43/43X/48 MOS
Sig P365 Optics Ready
Springfield HellCat Optics Ready

  What is the difference between the UNIVERSAL and MINI RED DOT PRO CUT?  We offer two options for optic install, the Pro Cut or the Universal Pocket.  From this point on, the Mini Red Dot Optic will be referred to only as optic. 

  Pro Cut The Pro Cut ($160) is a tight fit that is milled for a specific optic and the dimensions of that specific optic.  This is the reason your optic is needed for the Pro Cut machining of the slide. There is no gap between the pocket and the RMR with the Pro Cut. Both options include the bosses (posts milled within the pocket).  If you want or need to change optics that are the same footprint (for example switching from a Holosun 507C to a Trijicon RMR), the pocket can be adjusted, but only for same footprint optics. The Pro Cut can be for regular sized optics like the Trijicon RMR or Holosun 407C/507C or for the Micro Optics like the Trijicon RMRcc or Holosun 407K/507K/EPS/EPS Carry.   

 Universal Cut The Universal Cut ($130) is a pocket for the RMR footprint that will allow you to use any Trijicon RMR/SRO, Ameriglo Haven or Holosun 407C/507C/508T. The optic is not needed when the slide is milled for those listed optics that share the RMR footprint.   Be aware that with the Universal RMR Pocket, there will be a gap between the pocket and the RMR itself. How big of a gap depends on the size of the RMR. If the slide/pistol were to be dropped or bumped hard the RMR could move within the pocket which could change your sight picture.

  If the purpose of the pistol is duty, personal protection or home defense, we recommend the Pro Cut.

  The geometry of some slides, such as the HK VP 9/9 SK/VP9L-B, do not allow for the milling of bosses in the pocket, for this reason, only the Pro Cut is available for those slide types.

  We also mill for clamp style mounted optics such as the Aimpoint ACRO P-1/P-2, Holosun 509T and Steiner MPS. 

  Clamp Style Mounted optics  These optics require milling that resembles a picatinny rail.  While they are similar in the way they are mounted, the cut for each of them is different and you would not be able to just switch optics if you wanted.  The cut for that specific optic would only work for that specific optic.

Changing optics that are not the same footprint Like changing from an RMR to an ACRO or milling an MOS slide to make it a Pro Cut is not possible.

We have milled slides for many different optics. Because optics differ from each other, we have separated those optics into different categories.

ATEi sells optics!  We may not stock all optics that we mill for, but can usually get them.  If we do not have the optic in stock, we may be able order it.  Some optics may not be ordered because of availability.  

RMR footprint type optics
Trijicon RMR/SRO, Holosun 407C/507C/508T
ATEi installs only Trijicon seal plates under a Trijicon RMR.

Larger or slightly different footprint optics
Deltapoint Pro, Vortex Venom/Viper/Razor, Doctor, J Point and Burris Fast Fire

Micro Optics
Trijicon RMRcc and Holosun K footprint (these are the 407K/507K/EPS/EPS Carry)

Clamp Style Mounted Optics
Holosun 509T, Aimpoint ACRO P-1/P-2, Steiner MPS

The following slides can be milled for the RMR footprint or the larger or slightly different optics:
Glock 17/19/23/26/34/41/45
Glock 17L, 24 & 41 (All have a void has to be plugged and laser welded.)
Sig P226 Legion/P229
Sig P320 a void has to be plugged and laser welded.
S&W M&P 9mm/10mm/.40/.45 Compact/3.6″/4″/4.25″/5″ (All of the S&W M&P slides are the same from the ejection port to rear.)

The following slides can only be milled for micro optics:
Glock 42/43/43X/48 (Glock 42 can be milled ONLY for Holosun 407K/507K/EPS Carry.)
Glock 42 Can only be milled for Holosun K footprint optics
S&W Shield/Shield Plus
CZ 75 SP01
CZ SHADOW 2                                           

The following slide can be milled for the clamp style optics:
Glock 17/19/23/26/34/41/45
S&W M&P/M&P Compact (Have to have a “pad” welded in order to mount an ACRO.)
CZ P07/P09/P10/P10C 

Screw Information
ATEi uses 6-40 flathead screws for mounting most “screw down” optics. They are stronger and different than the screws that come with your Trijicon RMR (6-32) or some other optics that are on the market.  ATEi suggests tightening our 6-40 screws to 12 inch lbs.

Because new optics are always being released, if you do not see the optic you would like to use listed above, please give us a call!

  Currently, slide milling for the installation of a Mini Red Dot optic is available for the following slides:  S&W M&P (4.25″ and 5″ barrels), M&P Compact (3.6″ and 4″ barrels), Glock 17/19/23/26/34/41/45, Sig P365/P226 Legion/P229/P320/P320 Full Size, FN, CZ P-07/P-10, HK VP9/VP9 SK/HK VP9L-B and 1911/2011 slides. 

  We do not offer slide milling for any of the HK USP9, HK P30 models or Sig two piece slides such as the P226 at this time. 

  Some slides, like the Glock 17L, 24, 41, Sig P226 (full Size), Sig P320 (full size) and the Beretta APX have a void within the rear of the slide that would need to be plugged and laser welded in order to mount optics like the Trijicon RMR.  The additional cost is our cost for creating the metal plug and sending it to and from welding, as well as the laser welding itself.  

  Some slides (like the Glock 17L or Sig P320 Full Size) may not need to be plugged and welded for the Aimpoint ACRO optic because the milling is different for clamp style mounted optics.   

  Any slide that requires laser welding will not fall within the normal lead time because they are sent out for the laser welding and it takes longer. 

  We have milled many thinner slides like the Glock 43/43X/48, S&W M&P Shield/Shield Plus (NOT the Shield EZ), Glock 43/43X/48, Sig P365, Springfield Hellcat slides and Springfield EMP for the Micro Optics like the Trijicon RMRcc or Holosun 407K/507K/EPS/EPS Carry.  We have even milled Glock 42 slides for the Holosun K footprint!  The ONLY optic a Glock 42 slide can be milled for is the Holosun K footprint.  Some of the thinner slides (not the 1911/2011 slides) can be milled for the Aimpoint ACRO optic as well. 

  Slide milling may not be offered for slides not already listed.  If you do not see your slide model listed and would like information regarding milling for an optic, you can email photos of the inside and outside rear of the slide (off the frame).  The photos will allow us to see what the inside rear of the slide looks like and let you know if milling from ATEi would be available.  You can also send your slide and the optic in to ATEi to have an inspection done for possible milling.  

  Please know that we do not offer milling for all optics or for all slides and the customer is responsible for shipping charges to and from ATEi, regardless of services performed or not.

Some slides may use the factory dovetail with an optic, depending on the optic used and other slides cannot, no matter what optic is being used.

Slides that can use the factory rear dovetail with an RMR footprint optic:
Glock 17/19/23/26/34/41/45
Sig P226 Legion/P229/ P320

Slides that cannot use the factory dovetail:
S&W M&P9/M&P9C Mill a new dovetail in front OR behind the optic.
CZ P07 Mill a new dovetail in front of RMR footprint optic only.
CZ P09/P10F Mill a new dovetail in front OR behind the optic.
CZ P10/CZ P10C Mill a new dovetail behind the optic only.

The following optics cannot use the factory dovetail for the rear sight and need to have a new dovetail milled in front of the optic because of the size of the optic:
Vortex Venom/Viper The optic is too long to use the factory dovetail.
Deltapoint Pro optic The optic is too long to use the factory dovetail. The rear of the slide can be modified to use the integrated rear sight offered by Leupold or have a new dovetail be milled in front of the optic.
Aimpoint ACRO P-1/P-2 A new dovetail needs to be milled in front of the optic for an iron sight.

Because not everyone wants to have their rear sight in front of their optic the ATEi ShimSight was created by Doug. The great thing about the ATEi ShimSight is it can be mounted in front or behind the ACRO optic. (The ATEi ShimSight can be used with other optics too! Look for the list in our sights section a little lower…)

The following slides cannot use the factory dovetail for the rear sight:
Glock 42/43/43X/48 (Glock 42 can be milled ONLY for Holosun 407K/507K/EPS Carry.)
Glock 42 Can only be milled for Holosun K footprint optics
S&W Shield/Shield Plus
These slides will either need to use the ATEi Shimsight or have a new dovetail milled in front of the optic for an iron sight.  

Rearward Placement Of MRDS There are some people who do not want a rear sight at all. This means that when aiming, you would see the optic then the front sight through the window. You may choose this by selecting Rearward Placement Of MRDS To Remove Dovetail (No Rear Sight).

Yes!  We offer milling of 1911 and 2011 slides for the Trijicon 1911 RMR Mount.  This mount has an integrated rear night sight with an included front night sight.  On this mount just about any RMR footprint optic can be used.  If using the Trijicon 1911 mount (with integrated rear and front sights), the RMR, barrel and recoil assembly are not needed, but please include internals.

The optics that can be used are: Trijicon RMR/SRO, Ameriglo Haven and Holosun 407C/507C/508T.

We offer milling for direct mounting of micro optics to some 1911/2011 slides (like the Springfield Armory EMP), bot not all slides can have a micro optic directly mounted.  Only micro optics such as the Trijicon RMRcc and Holosun K Footprint can be used on the 1911/2011 slides because they are thinner slides. If you would like to have BUIS (Back Up Iron Sights), we encourage the use of the Trijicon 1911 RMR Mount instead of direct mount of the micro optic.  This because the front sight will no longer be usable.  A direct mount is so low that it renders a front sight useless.

The micro optics that milling is offered for are: Trijicon RMRcc and Holosun 407K/507K/EPS Carry.

If having a Springfield Armory EMP 1911/2011 (or any other 1911/2011 slide) milled for direct mount of an RMRcc or Holosun K Footprint (micro optic), the optic is needed. 


  No, ATEi uses a different screw from those included with the optic when it was purchased.  We use a 6-40 screw that allows for more thread engagement and generally does not require Loctite. When you receive your slide, there should be a little card included with instructions for how to remove those screws without stripping the head, along with the allen wrench needed.  When you receive your slide with the mounted optic that require screws for mounting, you should have an extra set of screws. 

  The optics that we do use those provided by the manufacturer are the Trijicon RMRcc and Holosun 407K/507K/EPS/EPS Carry.  These screws are needed and you will not receive an extra set back with your slide.  The seal plate that the Trijicon RMRcc comes with is needed also.  If you are using one of these optics, the instruction card will not be included.

ATEi installed my RMR, what should the torque measurement on the screws after I have swapped the battery?  Because Trijicon recommends a 12 In-lbs torque measurement, we do too!

You will not be able to use the <regular height> sights that came on your slide with an optic. We offer Ameriglo sights that are taller, but not a true suppressor height sight. We use a sight that is tall enough to be seen through the window of the optic (just in case your dot is not visible) but low enough to be mostly out of the way. This is referred to as the lower 1/3-1/4 co-witness. We use the term co-witness, but it’s not really what is happening when you are aiming. You will use the dot in your optic OR the BUIS (Back Up Iron Sights) that are there for just in case. Please remember that some rear sights are thicker and may not work with the factory dovetail and an optic because the dovetail is very close to the optic.

I have crimped in front sights on my Glock. Can they be used again after being removed?  Sometimes the crimped in front sights are not salvageable and cannot be used again once removed.

Are all “suppressor” height sights the same height for all optics you mill for? Nope!  Because the Deltapoint Pro optic is roughly 1/4″ taller than most of the other optics, taller “suppressor” height sights are needed for co-witness. We stock some of the taller iron sights that would work with your Deltapoint Pro optic for use with the front dovetail (rear sight in front of the optic), but not all sights, for all slides. You can use the integrated rear sight offered by Leupold for use with the Deltapoint Pro optic with an Ameriglo front sight we have in stock.

Most sights stocked are for Glock and S&W slides.  Sights are ordered for some slides, but not all.  Some sight heights will need to be calculated according to the slide milled.

There are different options for the front sights offered by ATEi.  What are they and what do they look like? 

Ameriglo sights ATEi offers From Left to Right:  All Black Serrated – Black Painted Green – Night With White Ring – Night With Black Ring

Not all night sights are offered in every height for every optic.  If we do not offer a taller or “suppressor” height sight for use on your slide with an optic and one is needed, the factory height sights will not be reinstalled as they are too short to “co-witness” with an optic.

Does ATEi sight in Iron Sights and Optics? We do install both iron sights and optics and center them, but it is up to the end user to sight/zero them in. Final adjustments of both iron sights and optics are the responsibility of the end user. The end user assumes all liability in the use of the firearm.
If you have any questions about sights, please give us a call.

  ATEi was the FIRST ever to machine serrations into a semi-auto slide for the purpose of single hand manipulations on May 4, 2010. All others copied and followed us. Top Slide Serrations for single hand manipulations were developed in partnership with Steve Fisher (former owner of MDFI and lead instructor for Magpul Dynamics now owner of Sentinel Concepts). ATEi Top Slide Serrations are a uni-directional set of curving edges machined into the slide of the gun. They perform much like the propulsion mechanism of scales on snakes or fish.

  ATEi Top Slide Serrations are precise and unique features that are machined into a slide to improve performance and make it perfect for the user. Top Slide Serrations improve single-handed manipulation when situations are at their worst. With ATEi Top Slide Serrations a shooter will be able to safely, effectively and efficiently rack the slide to get the gun functioning.


The fundamentals of combat shooting are weapon manipulations and control. For single-handed manipulations of the pistol’s slide, Serrations grab onto your clothing, belt, holster, door jamb, a bad guys forehead or any available surface or edges. ATEi Top Slide Serrations allow shooters to control the weapon in expected and unexpected situations because reality is never what you imagined it to be in a gunfight.

Are top serrations only available in the wavy pattern?  No.  We also offer straight serrations, but not for all slides.  Some slides straight serrations are the only choice (like the HK Slides).

 Straight serrations only, are currently available for HK slides at this time.

“Sure, you can use your notched rear sight because it “always” works, on a Sunny 80 degree square range. But if you’ve fallen and broken your wrist – you’ve been shot in the hand – you’re holding your 2 year old child and you’re holding the bad guy back by the neck. You’re in a gun fight for your LIFE and now your gun just stopped working. You might be able to hit that small spot on another small spot to operate the slide and fix a malfunction and you may not,” – Doug Holloway of ATEi.

  Why Enhanced Glock Serrations?  Press checks! When you unload a weapon you make a hundred percent sure it is unloaded. Therefore, when you load a weapon you must make a hundred percent sure it is loaded.

  ATEi Enhanced Glock Serrations provide extreme positive two-handed operation of the slide. Sweaty, muddy or bloody you must be able to operate the slide. When confronted with viscous materials such as sweat, water, oils or blood this control is vital. Enhanced Serrations allow a shooter to keep their weapon system running and win the fight.


Are Serrations comfortable when carried concealed?  There are no issues of comfort when carrying a weapon with Serrations machined into the top of the slide. The holster separates contact of the body to the weapon. Those that run more open carriers that expose more of the pistol have reported no discernible differences. 

What is the difference between the three side serration options for a Glock?

Through the roll marks– The roll marks on the left side of the slide (Glock <model #> and Austria) are cut through to add the serrations on the front side of the slide. There may be fragments or parts of the numbers/letters left behind that may be visible.

Around the roll marks(Also known as Leave Roll Marks) The serrations are added around the roll marks leaving all the letters and numbers intact on the left side of the slide.  There is a Glock logo on the rear right side of the slide after the ejection port that is cut through, even when this option is selected.  If you would like that logo left behind, that is a modification of the program and there is an additional cost.  For this option, you would choose ENHANCED SERRATION GLOCK SIDES FRONT & REAR, LEAVE ROLLMARKS BOTH SIDES $160.

Through the roll marks, remove remnants– The remnants of the letters/numbers that were left behind are removed by machining the left serrations on the side of the slide only.

Are side serrations only offered for Glock slides?  Nope!  ATEi offers side cocking serrations for S&W M&P slides as well!

Does ATEi offer porting for slides?  Yes!  We offer porting for Glock, S&W M&P and possibly some others.

  At ATEi, we utilize a professional level OEM quality finish “Salt Bath Nitride QP” is a chemical process that protects against corrosion or rust, but does not add material like Cerakote does.

Salt Bath Nitride QP (AKA Black Nitride)  Salt Bath Ferritic Nitrocarburizing results in a tough, black, slightly flat finish.
Major firearm manufacturers use the same process for their pistol slides and have named their processes Tennifer (Glock) and Melonite (Smith & Wesson).  

Do I need to have the slide refinished after it is milled?  We strongly suggest refinishing because slides tend to corrode if not protected.  When a slide corrodes there can be pitting (divots) that may not be removed and will still show, even if the slide is refinished in Black Nitride.   Oiling the pocket may help, but ultimately will not protect against corrosion, especially in humid or salty environments.

Refinishing in FDE PVD is NOT currently available.  

We are looking for a new company to provide the FDE color.  In the meantime, if you would like your the slide FDE color it is suggested that you have your slide Cerakoted. Cerakote can be more easily removed than the Nitride finish, if you would like durability with that FDE color, Black Nitride under the Cerakote can be done.  Longer lead times than the normal 6-10 weeks will occur if having the Nitride/Cerakote in FDE done.

Cerakote of slide or just the pocket  Is Cerakote a finish like Black Nitride?  No, it is applied (sprayed on) and either Air Cured or Baked On.  If you would like your slide Cerakoted for a single color or a pattern, it is suggested that you first have the slide finished in Black Nitride for protection as Cerakote can scrape off or wear off over time and leave your slide unprotected against corrosion.

Cold Blue & Oiling the Pocket  Cold Bluing is not a finish like Black Nitride and does not provide any protection against corrosion.  It is the oil applied after the Cold Bluing that provides the small amount of protection to the metal.  For S&W slides, we suggest Black Nitride or Cerakoting the pocket.

We do not offer trigger work for all pistols.   We offer trigger work for both S&W M&P and Glock found on the Modify A Glock Pistol and Modify An M&P Pistol pages at the bottom under Action Work.   

Do you offer barrel fitting? Yes, we offer barrel fitting for S&W M&P (Apex barrels) and Glock (Bar Sto barrels).

What is Stippling?  Stippling is texturing of the pistol grip in a pattern, to allow for better hold when conditions are wet or muddy.  

The default pattern is Chaos, but there are different “TEXTURES” available that would fit your needs.

What are the textures available?  There are 4 different textures for the Chaos pattern.

Aggressive: Recommended when maximum texture is desired.  Ie:  Dedicated duty, or competition guns.

Medium: The middle ground.  Recommended for everyday carry, competition, or duty.

Carry: Recommended when minimal texture is desired.  Ie: If the gun is to be carried against bare skin.

Hybrid Carry: Medium texture on the front and back where traction is most critical with carry texture on the sides.

What do the textures look like?   Below is a textured sample card for the Chaos pattern.

Who does the Stippling for ATEi?  ATEi offers frame Stippling done by Great Lakes Custom Works.

There are several Stippling Add Ons available, but not all modifications are available for all frame types.  Some are stand alone modifications and some can only be done with a Stippling package (Like a Major Grip Reduction). If you are unsure if the Stippling Modification you would like is available for the type of pistol you have, please contact ATEi or Great Lakes Custom Works.  

*Please note that all work is done by hand and can vary slightly from job to job.

*Custom stippling patterns available for an additional fee upon request.

We will ship the frame to and from Great Lakes Custom Works for you while modifying your slide at the same time for a fee that is included in the cost of the Stippling package you select in your order or if you selected a stand alone modification, a fee will be added the the cost of your return shipping.


  Are the same modifications available for the M&P 9 M2.0 and M&P 9 M2.0 Compact as are available for the regular M&P 9?  The M&P 9 M2.0 modifications offered are slightly different from the regular M&P 9 model. Because of the dimensional differences in the M&P 9 M2.0 slide porting of the top and side are not available at this time.   Currently, Full and Half Top Serrations, Optic install (Please see list of optics we offer milling for), side cocking serrations, refinishing and regular trigger job are the modifications available at this time for the M&P 9 2.0 and M&P 2.0 Compact.   A regular trigger job (sear install and radius and polish the safety plunger) is offered, but a full target trigger job is not available at this time. 

 Can an optic be installed on my M&P 9 M2.0 that has a raising chamber indicator?  These slides will have a long bar type lever that raises to indicate there is a round in the chamber.  Due to the lever raising, an optic cannot be installed because the optic would hinder the lever/bar from raising.  ATEi will not remove the raising loaded chamber indicator lever/bar because it is a safety feature. 

What does it mean by “slabbing the sides” on an M&P slide?  Slabbing the side means to mill (cut) the side to remove the roll marks (Manufacturer writing) and make it a smooth surface for either engraving (laser) or porting.  Side Slabbing and porting are only available for First Gen M&P 4.25″ and 5″.  We do not offer Side Slabbing and porting for the M&P M2.0 at this time. 

I have an M&P9 M2.0 Compact. Can I have it milled for a Mini Red Dot Optic?  Yes, the M&P9 M2.0 Compact slide is the same width, just shorter (in the front) than the regular length M&P9 M2.0.  The same rules apply for the M&P9 M2.0 Compact slide for installation of a Deltapoint Pro optic as for other slides.  Because the base of the optic is taller, you would need to use taller suppressor height sights.  If using the integrated rear sight option with the DPP, you would need to inform us to mill the slide accordingly.  If using a Vortex Venom, you would need to have a new dovetail milled for the rear sight in front of the optic.

What S&W M&P pistol does the Hybrid work on?  The Hybrid was originally designed (and tested on) the First Gen M&P pistol.  It has not been tested for the M&P M2.0 pistol.  We cannot guarantee function with the M&P M2.0.  The Hybrid is no longer available for purchase.  It was a collaboration with another company and no more were made after the initial run. 

  Can I have my Glock UTM slide milled for an optic like an RMR?  Yes, we offer slide milling for the Glock UTM Slides for an optic.  It is listed under Mini Red Dot Pro Cut Milling For Glock 17L, 24, 41 & Sig 320 (Full Size), Beretta APX and Glock UTM Slides and the cost is $300.   The extra cost is because the slide will need to be plugged and welded.  Laser welding is not done in house, the slide is sent out for laser welding.

  You would also need to select one of the Glock UTM Sight Package with Rear Dovetail options (Black, Mixed or Night) listed under Sights.  This includes the dovetail and front sight modification for use of regular Glock sights and the sight set.  The rear dovetail is only available behind the RMR or in the factory dovetail location at the rear of the slide.  

  We do not offer regular slide refinishing services for the Glock UTM slides.  Cerakoting the slide would be suggested.

Can I have my Glock UTM modified for use of regular sights without RMR milling?  Yes, you would just select the Glock UTM Sight Package with Rear Dovetail option under Purchase Sights.  This does not come with the Ameriglo Suppressor Height Sights.  It is only the rear dovetail and front slide modification for a regular front sight.

  Lead time for this work falls outside of the normal 6-10 weeks due to laser welding.  

There are several slides that require laser welding in order to mount an optic.  The cost for these slides may vary but will be more than regular milling.

Plugged and Laser Welded Glock 17L, 24, 41, Sig P320 (full size), Beretta APX or other slides with a void where a mounting screw would need to go.

What does the void look like?  When you turn the slide over and look inside the rear, there will be a channel on the right side that is deep.  

Pad Laser Welded S&W M&P slides require a small pad to be created and laser welded in order to use the Aimpoint ACRO optics.

Yes, we do not offer any slide modifications for the Springfield XD-S or XD-M, HK USP9mm or HK P30 models at this time.

We also do not mill the Lone Wolf Featureless slides.  These slides do not have the chamfered edges that a Glock factory slide does.   


You want the AlphaWolf OEM Serration Slide (AW-Slide-OEM).

There may be others that we have not been asked to mill yet.

  If you do not see your slide type listed, give us a call.

With your first order, you will need to know what your slide type is, what optic you want to use, where you would like the rear dovetail/sight in relation to the optic, which sights you will be using, and if you would like your slide refinished after milling.

We always suggest refinishing the slide to cover the bare metal left after it has been milled and prevent corrosion/rust.

If you selected the Pro Cut you will need to send in your slide, the optic to be installed, any sights you have already purchased (or you can purchase Ameriglo suppressor height sights when you place your order) and the printed order form from your online order.

If you are not able to print the from from your online order, simply write your order number, name and contact info on a piece of paper and put it in the box. If there is no paperwork in the box with the items, we may not be able to match them to your order.

Please include the internals with your slide if you are having milling for an optic done. The barrel, recoil assembly and frame are not needed if you are having only slide work done. You would include your frame if having stippling done and if you are also having trigger work done, the complete pistol (this includes the barrel and recoil assembly) would be shipped to us.

An estimate for the return shipping cost is calculated when your package is received and email is sent with a list of the contents in that box and the approximate cost of return shipping via UPS. If you would rather have your package shipped back via US Postal Service, it can be arranged. Pistol frames or whole pistols cannot be shipped via US Postal Service. You will need to call to give the credit card number you would like to use.

Any changes to orders after being placed must be made by email to

You may send your complete slide (minus the barrel & recoil assembly) and ATEi can remove and reinstall them. We do not charge for the disassembly/reassembly of slides sent in for milling.

If you are local and would like to drop off you order instead of shipping it, give us a call at 313-388-8228 to set your appointment!

Please keep in mind, while this is not our first time milling a slide for an optic, it may be yours and you need to ask questions about anything in the process you do not understand or that is not clear for you.

The Roland Special is a complete build done on a customer supplied Glock 19 Gen 1-4 pistol.  An internet search may show all different types of pistols can be a Roland Special, but that is not the truth.  The true Roland Special was a mixture of proven ATEi modifications as well as many specific products.  Because some items that helped make it a Roland (such as a Freya or the Traditional Stipple pattern) not being available or offered any longer, the Roland Special had to be adjusted.  A Zev Pro Compact is now used in place of the original Raven Concealment Systems Freya as well as the pattern of stipple going from Traditional to Chaos and the Finger Grooves being removed as default.  The price has also been adjusted for price differences of products. The build will not be adjusted if you already have products that are in the Roland Special and will be supplying them.  The Roland Special will not be discounted for the Military/Law Enforcement/First Responder discount.  We suggest going through the Modify A Glock Pistol Package instead.

If you are local and would like to drop off you order instead of shipping it, give us a call at 313-388-8228 to set your appointment!

Shipping costs are a separate charge and a phone call to us with your credit card information is needed.  If you are shipping only a slide, you may ship via UPS, FedEX or US Postal Service (USPS).  If using a USPS Flat Rate shipping boxes, be sure to insure for the full value of the contents, request a signature and seal the boxes well.

Do not send slides and optics in bubble mailers!  Please use boxes that can be sealed completely.  Do not send packages Early AM (we are not here at 6am) or as a Shipper Release (these packages are left outside the door and can be easily stolen).  

If sending regulated firearm parts, such as a pistol frame or receiver, those items CANNOT be shipped US Postal Service (USPS).  They must be sent UPS or FedEX or shipped from an FFL.  

We suggest emailing the tracking number to ATEi for two reasons.  1) An electronic record that cannot be lost is created and 2) We at ATEi get a heads up for incoming packages. 

Shipping regulated firearm parts Due to recent changes in carrier policies for the shipping of firearms, customers are unable to ship firearms if they are not an FFL or have an active shipping account.  Because of this, it is recommended to ship via FFL to FFL transfer when shipping a firearm to us. Packages received from an FFL will be shipped back to an FFL.  If your firearm is not going back to the FFL it originally came from, please contact us for the new FFL address. Always obtain tracking information, insure your shipment for full value and require a signature.  Packages coming back from ATEi will require an ADULT signature.  

For a time, ATEi did not accept packages from FedEX, because of the changes instituted by UPS and FedEX, we have relaxed that policy and will no longer turn away a FedEX shipped package. 

Remember to pack the box so nothing can collide in transit, tape all sides that open so nothing can escape on the way and insure the package for the full value of the contents. When we ship back to you, the package will be insured for all of the contents, work that we have not done, but not work that we can do in house. If the slide is a factory slide for a pistol, not an after market slide (such as a Lone Wolf Alpha Wolf slide), the full value of the pistol is used in the calculation of value. The average cost for return shipping is around $40-$45 for a slide, optic and sights equaling about $1200. It will be higher if the value of the slide or pistol is higher than $1200.

The customer is responsible for all shipping costs regardless of whether work is performed or not.

Our current turn around time for slide work and refinishing in Black Nitride is approximately 6-10 weeks. Trigger work is usually approximately 2-6 weeks.  If considering trigger work, please give us a call to discuss.

What if I don’t want refinishing and need my slide ASAP? We have introduced a Quick Turnaround that is 9 business days from delivery to out our door. You can find it on the main shop page.

Slides Needing Laser Welding  Any slides that have a void that needs to have a plug made and laser welded or have a pad laser welded will fall outside the normal 6-10 weeks lead time.  This is because we send those slides out for the laser welding.

Custom slide work, work requiring new programming, or modifications in programming will fall outside of normal lead times.

Slide milling of 1911 slides for the Trijicon 1911 RMR mount or direct mount of an RMRcc may fall outside normal lead times.

The Trijicon 1911 RMR mount is currently on National Back Order. 

Lead times may vary based on current workload or current governmental restrictions. 

We now offer a Quick Turn Around Pro Cut! This service is available for “normal” slides such as Glock, M&P, and Sig P320 & optics such as Trijicon and Holosun (RMR footprint).
Is refinishing included? Black Nitride is not available for quick turn arounds because that is where the lead time is. We offer Cold Bluing and oiling of the pocket.

Are discount codes allowed on Quick Turn Arounds? At this time we do not allow discount codes to be used on the Quick Turn Arounds.

How do I get the Quick Turn Around?  You can place your order on the main SHOP page.

Same Day Pro Cuts  We offer Same Day Pro Cut by appointment only Monday through Friday.  The cost is $250 and like the Quick Turn Arounds, the pocket is Cold Blued and Oiled.  Appointments are scheduled in advance.  Please call to set your appointment. 

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Slides altered by anyone other than ATEi may not be modified or refinished by ATEi. 

Please contact us for confirmation your modified slide can be machined by ATEi before sending it in.

Yes! We have milled slides for direct mount of optics for many police departments across the United States.

My department is considering pistols with an optic. Yes, many departments have had to decide between having slides milled for a direct mounted optic or purchasing an MOS. We have information that may help make that decision.

Does ATEi have a list of departments that allow for ATEi milled slides? Yes, a list of contacts for other departments is available upon request.

Is department pricing available? Yes, please contact us for more information.

Yes! Please contact us via email or phone call for the code. Discounts are not applied to Special Builds, Package Specials, Quick Turn Arounds or Same Day Pro Cuts.  Be prepared to prove you are eligible for the discount…

How do I prove I am eligible for the discount? You should have an email address that should do the trick.


NOTICE: Purchaser understands and acknowledges that the customization services provided by ATEi are to stock firearms pre-purchased from the underlying manufacture, and are being provided without the original manufacturers authorization or endorsement.