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Modify An M&P Pistol Package

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Build a custom package based on your specific needs. We have made this form easy to use. You will notice that incompatible options can not be ordered together, so picking an option will remove incompatible options.  Any changes to orders after being placed must be made by email to info@ateiguns.com.  

Slide milling for Mini Red Dot install is not available for the M&P M2.0 with the chamber indicator that raises at the top rear of the slide. 

Slide milling for a Mini Red Dot Optic is not available for the M&P Shield EZ, M&P .22 and M&P .380 pistols.  

FDE PVD finish is a longer lead time than the approximate 6-10 week lead time for refinishing in Black Nitride. 

Porting is not available for M&P M2.0 or Shield slides.

Please include the internals with your slide. 

If milling your slide for an optic, a new rear dovetail must be milled for a rear iron sight.  You cannot use the factory dovetail for the rear sight.

If you are having trigger work done, the barrel and recoil assembly are needed.  No trigger work will be done on pistols that have not included the barrel and recoil assembly.  

 A full target trigger job as well as top and side porting are not offered for the M&P M2.0  pistol at this time. 



Due to recent changes in carrier policies for the shipping of firearms, customers are reporting being unable to ship firearms if they are not an FFL or have an active shipping account.  Because of this, it is recommended to ship via FFL to FFL transfer when shipping a firearm to us. If your package is not going back to the FFL shipping the firearm, please contact us for the new FFL return ship to address.