Law Enforcement

As an innovator, ATEi pioneered slide mounted optics as early as 2010.  It is that history that has made ATEi very familiar to and recommended by most of the nationally known Pistol Mounted Dot Instructors in the country, as well as optic manufacturers.

With factory cut options being common these days, why go with a direct milled optics cut?  The answer is that, when we want longevity and repeatability in an red dot pistol, a direct milled pocket, cut precisely for a specific optic, ATEi’s Pro Cut eliminates any possible shift of the red dot on the gun.  This ensures that the force of the reciprocating slide is not focused on the mounting screws, but rather on the recoil bosses and tight fit of the pocket cut.  This means less sheering of screws, less battering of the optic and ultimately a longer service life for that optic mounted duty pistol.

When we correctly define the mission of the pistol as a tool to defend our lives, it becomes clear that the best option is the only option.  ATEi gives the end user that best option.

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