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HK Slide Milling

From: $100.00

Only the Pro Cut is available for the HK VP9, HK VP9 TACTICAL, HK VP9 SK, HK VP9 L-B or HK USP .40. We DO NOT offer milling of the HK USP9 or HK P30 slides.  Because of the geometry of the slide not allowing bosses to be milled, the tight fit of the Pro Cut is needed to keep the optic in place properly.  The Optic must be sent in with the slide.  We use the dimensions of the Optic to create the pocket and have a tight fit.   The factory dovetail is used for the rear backup sight placement.  

We do not offer slide milling for any of the HK P30 models.

Please include the internals with your slide. 

The barrel and recoil are not needed. 

Factory HK VP9 sights will not co witness with optic. 

Suppressor height sights are needed to co witness.